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Tags : "Economic crisis"

India will be back to high growth through reforms after

Chennai: Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian on Tuesday exuded confidence that the country would be back to a high growth path through reforms announced by the government, after overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. “When reforms (announced by the Centre) unleash, we will be definitely on a high growth path”, he said participating in the Connect 2020 […]Read More

View: How to pull the Indian economy out of the

By shifting to a ‘full potential’ trajectory starting in 2022, over the subsequent decade, we can pull ourselves out of this mess — made messier by a pandemic — by the bootstraps Synopsis Recreating growth in the medium term is likely to come from sectoral strategies across 10 key sectors constituting most of India’s GDP. […]Read More

Stressed about US stocks, investors are betting big on Europe

By Ksenia Galouchko and William Shaw For money managers nervous about US equities at all-time highs during an economic crisis and election year, Europe could be the antidote. Investors from BlackRock Inc. to Manulife Investment Management say the region’s coordinated and fast response to the pandemic is also a good reason to be confident, despite […]Read More

Agriculture alone can’t pull economy out of the crisis. This

A new focus on investment would be the perfect complement to the call for Atmanirbhar Bharat. The first is a necessary condition for the second. Synopsis The reality is that only one component of GDP — investment — can send growth into orbit. ​​For double-digit growth, investment needs to touch 40% of GDP. We know […]Read More

With clients rethinking projects, Infosys flags risks

Bengaluru: Some clients of Infosys have terminated projects or reduced demand for its services amid the Covid-19 induced economic crisis, which could impact its profitability in the year ahead, the Bengaluru-based company said in a filing. The IT services provider highlighted that the pandemic could pose a major risk going forward as key clients across […]Read More

Cognizant to retain digital talent in slowdown, anticipating recovery

MUMBAI: Cognizant will protect employees with digital skills from layoffs even if they remain under-utilised during the ongoing economic crisis, its chief financial officer has said. The Teaneck, New Jersey-based IT services provider earns around 38% of its $16.8 billion revenue from digital businesses, which include helping clients shift applications to the Cloud, marketing online […]Read More