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Tags : "GDP growth"

View: How to pull the Indian economy out of the

By shifting to a ‘full potential’ trajectory starting in 2022, over the subsequent decade, we can pull ourselves out of this mess — made messier by a pandemic — by the bootstraps Synopsis Recreating growth in the medium term is likely to come from sectoral strategies across 10 key sectors constituting most of India’s GDP. […]Read More

View: India should acknowledge that the ‘new normal’ won’t be

So, both domestic and global developments suggest not just a temporary Covid-19 blip, but permanently slower growth for India and the world. I fear the new growth norm for India may not exceed 5% per year Synopsis The Covid-19 crisis means India’s GDP will crash this year by anywhere from 5% to 10%. Government revenues […]Read More

Why India needs to put cash in the hands of

By Ateesh Tankha In his 1776 magnum opus, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Cause of the Wealth of Nations — more commonly known as The Wealth of Nations — years ago, the father of modern political economics Adam Smith wrote that wages increased with the rate of increase of national wealth. It was not […]Read More