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Tags : "Geneva"

Ties set to worsen as Pakistan blocks new Indian envoy

(This story originally appeared in on Sep 20, 2020) NEW DELHI: In what is certain to further destabilise Indo-Pak relations, Pakistan has denied visa to Indian diplomat Jayant Khobragade, rejecting his appointment as India’s chargĂ© d’affaires in Islamabad. Khobragade’s name had been officially proposed in June this year. In the same month, India had also […]Read More

US tariffs on China ruled to be illegal by world

GENEVA: The World Trade Organization said Tuesday that Trump administration tariffs on Chinese goods totaling more than $200 billion are illegal under the rules of the global trade body. The decision marks the first time the Geneva-based trade body has ruled against a series of tariffs that President Donald Trump’s administration has imposed on a […]Read More