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Are we missing the dynamic intent behind Atmanirbhar Bharat? It

By Saket MisraPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiatives usually display two aspects. One, a simple ‘anchor idea’ to drive broader transformation. Two, the scale of transformation. Atmanirbhar Bharat (AB), announced in the middle of the Covid-induced economic lockdown, is no different. Interpretations by overexuberant supporters or opponents — with visions of a return to the failed […]Read More

What else could go wrong for world economy before 2020

By Enda Curran and Fergal O’Brien The world economy’s rebound from the depths of the coronavirus crisis is fading, setting up an uncertain finish to the year. The concerns are multiple. The coming northern winter may trigger another wave of the virus as the wait for a vaccine continues. Government support for furloughed workers and […]Read More

View: Why Modi must not repeat Nehru’s mistakes on China

After 20 Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese in a border clash, there are jingoistic screams in the media. Critics want to delink India economically from China and boycott Chinese goods. Others want to teach China a military lesson, as already taught to Pakistan. This would be economic and military suicide. Only morons can […]Read More

Guardians of global economy come up short in fight against

By Rich Miller and Eric Martin The guardians of the global economy got here up short. Facing what the International Monetary Fund says is a disaster like no different, coverage makers from main economies agreed this previous week on a set of initiatives to assist rising markets and poor nations climate the coronavirus shock, together […]Read More