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View: Despite all problems, why is Modi still the most

By Mihir Sharma India’s Covid-19 cases continue to climb, even as the economy tanks. China is pressing forward on the two countries’ disputed Himalayan border, where dozens of Indian soldiers have been killed. Tax revenues have plummeted, state governments are unhappy and 21 million of India’s rare salaried jobs vanished in the last few months. […]Read More

India coronavirus count, April 27: Cases near 28,000, toll jumps

The number of coronavirus infected in India neared 28,000 today, the latest Health Ministry update showed. As of 8 am, the official count stood at 27,892. 6,185 people have been cured/discharged. The number of the dead stands at 872. These numbers come a day after the country reported its highest-ever single-day increase in cases so […]Read More

India Covid count, April 22: Cases near 20,000, deaths at

The number of coronavirus infected people continued to rise in India, with the latest Union Health ministry update putting the number near 20,000 as of the morning hours on April 22. At 8 am today, the number of cases stood at 19,984. As many as 640 have died. 3,869 have been declared cured/discharged. According to […]Read More

Coronavirus has spread to 30% of India’s districts

Managing Covid-19 can be more difficult for authorities as SARS-CoV-2, the virus inflicting it, has spread to 30% of the nation’s districts. Union ministry of well being information exhibits that the federal government has been ready to confirm instances in 211 of 720 districts within the nation, with some large states reporting greater than 60% […]Read More

Govt data reveals lockdown may have flattened the coronavirus spread

New Delhi: India may have flattened the Covid-19 curve with the strict lockdown, the first data crunching train by the authorities has revealed. The ministry of well being and household welfare on Monday mentioned India went from 100 instances to 1,000 instances in 12 days. In comparability, Covid-19 instances in different developed nations rose between […]Read More

India-wide Corona infections touch 100, Maharashtra has most cases 31

NEW DELHI: The count of those infected by the novel coronavirus countrywide touched 100, according to reports from the states, though the Union home ministry put the official infection number at 84. The upward spike was primarily the result of Maharashtra turning into the new hot zone, the leap in its infection count from 19 […]Read More